A Bowl of Herbs With Love in Three Acts: What Happens During Sessions

People ask me what are my sessions are like and how long it takes to get a result. Well, it depends. Here is a vignette of a three-session case that took two months from beginning to end.

Setting the stage

A father called about his 14-year-old daughter. His first stated concern was maybe his daughter had a sensory issue in her mouth. After his description, my thought was that this child might need a feeding therapist to mediate sensory issues. Father did not want a feeding therapist. He said he was not clear. The real issue, he thought, was that his daughter did not eat vegetables. I told dad that it would be a healthier practice if his daughter, Mary (not her real name), ate vegetables. Vegetables have a bitter taste, I told him, that some people simply do not like. Some of these flavors come from sulfur compounds. These compounds prevent cancer and other illnesses. Sulfur compounds, such as isothiocyanates in broccoli, are health powerhouses that taste bad to some people. I wondered, if there was an eating disorder or another problem that, for some reason, could not be disclosed over the phone. We made an appointment.

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