About Richard Kahn

Richard_KahnRichard Kahn, PhD, RD, is a nutrition therapist specializing in the needs of both typically developing and atypically developing infants and young children. Nutrition therapy is a counseling approach that places nutrition for children in the context of family life. Picky eating, feeding challenges along with weight and growth concerns can be addressed by nutrition therapy.

Dr. Kahn’s approach combines decades of research with individual needs. He has more than 15 years of working with families, over 10 years of nutritional work in the New York State Early Intervention Program and, recently, in private practice. As a researcher, he designed a protocol that successfully taught parents how to wean their children off the baby bottle.

In addition to his scientific credentials, Dr. Kahn also brings to his work a broad perspective on food and families. He is the father of two, as well as a cook at an organic restaurant, specialty-food-store owner and manager at Fairway Market, a leading food retailer in New York City.  He serves on the board of the New York Zero to Three, a nonprofit advocacy group that works to promote the optimal development of young children, their families, and their communities in the New York region.

bag-icon Credentials

  • Master of Science in Nutrition and Food Science Hunter College 1998
  • Registered Dietitian #833760
  • New York State Dept of Education Certified Dietitian-Nutritionist #002866-1
  • Doctorate in Social Welfare from City University of New York/Hunter College School of Social Work 2012

book-icon Publications

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