TIP#1 Save Disagreements Until The Meal Ends

Why: Conflicts At the Table Make It Harder for Reluctant Eaters to Eat.

 The Tale: The Disagreeing Grandparents 421


Disagreeing about feeding and nutrition for children is just fine. Disagreements can be useful. Maybe the conversation will lead to a solution or a search for help. Disagreements become problems when the grown-ups disagree vehemently at the table. When differing parenting styles turn into routine grousing, sniping or worse, a child may be scared into eating even less.  Maybe one parent has the answer but at that point, no one is really listening to the other.

Here is the tale of two loving but argumentative grandparents committed to raising their toddler grandson. They loved their grandson but they had not anticipated feeding struggles and underweight along with the diapers and doctor visits.

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